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Valley Oak Elementary

Let's give a cheer for the recycling program at Valley Oak! The students and staff have done a wonderful job in using the recycling bins and have decreased our non-recycled waste stream by about 50%. We now have Davis Waste Removal coming out less often for pickup and are saving Valley Oak money every week! Hip-hip-hurray!!

Here are a few tips on what to recycle. ** REMEMBER: Try to limit juice boxes, juice pouches, plastic bags, plastic utensils, yogurt containers, applesauce containers (unless they are #1 or #2).

School Garden Coordinator

Jane Schafer-Kramer


Rigo Mayorga handles custodial duties for Valley Oak, including the recycling project. He works with the recycling site coordinator and the principal to make sure the school has enough recycling bins and dumpsters for paper, plastic, cans and glass.

Site Recycling Coordinator

Carol Rewick works as the liason between Valley Oak's recycling needs and the district Garden/Recycle coordinator.
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